carbon payment

Global payouts unlocked

Pay vendors across borders and currencies

DEveloper friendly

2 lines of code, 100 markets

Just add 2 lines of code in your codebase to connect to support payouts in 100 markets via the Carbon API

Create beneficiaries with just an email
We handle onboarding and compliance in every country
Multiple payout methods supported
We provide local payout method for your beneficiaries
We handle the rest
Your vendors get paid fast, cheap and reliably
user friendly

Automatic onboarding and compliance

When you submit a payout, we take care of onboarding and collect the beneficiary's preferred payout method. no need to store bank data on your end. Seamless onboarding for your vendors means higher retention

rigorous control

Managing transactions is a breeze

The dashboard enables you to create transactions or adjust them, and overall monitor the financial health of your payouts

End all payments headaches today

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